Why a PT?

Why would you hire someone for something that you can do yourself..

I will try to explain what my job entails.. And why I love being a personal trainer.

Foremost, you can do it all by yourself if you find the right discipline and motivation, but are you doing it? If than I have some other questions that come to my mind:

Are you getting the result you want?

Are you training with an app?

Do you have a trainingsplan?

What to do if you do not get the result you want:

You can change your training program, train your muscles more effectively, change the way you train or the frequency, something really crazy a week of no training or hire a PT to help you with your results. A PT will make an anamnesis where you as the client answer questions about your goals, sports activities, daily work and food intake to help you achieve the best goal. You can even use a PT to make a training plan, and not train with them, at least with me that would be an option. Sending me some videos of how you are doing the exercise so that I can check if you’re doing it right, or invite me to your gym and show it to me in person.

We, as personal trainers, have been trained with all kinds of techniques that you probably have read online about like progression, negative training, maxi load, depending on what the goal is: fat loss or muscle gain, we will adapt your training program to this goal. We have many options to help you improve in the effective way.

Training with an app: 

Do you get out of it what you expected of it? Or are you frustrated about it as the exercise or program you want to follow in the app with heavy exercises makes you feel unmotivated because you are unable to do them, and it looked so easy. Making you feel like a failure, not quite the effect you wanted or needed from doing sports. A Personal trainer will challenge and motivate you, finding that balance to get the result you want and keeping you motivated while doing it. They can even recommend an app and program to use that is built on our body and fitness level


Are you training all the muscles in that training program or doing it like my husband, only training the muscles that I like the most with exercises that he finds fun? Making his upper body impressive while his legs are the black sheep. Are you getting the results you want? Are you having any pains when training or after training, expect muscles cramps?

Know that a PT is happy to build you a program, collaborate with you on plans and meals to get the result that you want. We all have had a nutrition part in our education as well, some of us are doing even more in this field. I, for instance, did a deep dive and went more into understanding the female body as we function different from men. We need a different training and meal plan to get results. Especially women in menopause or pre-menopause.

My suggestion for you!

If you are not getting the result you need, go talk to a professional. It doesn’t hurt to listen to what he/she can recommend to you to improve your results.

Always be consistent with your training and food! 

Furthermore, I would suggest doing at least once a week mobility training or use it as a warm-up for your muscles before lifting heavy weights. It could also be a Pilates session to help you get more mobility in your joints. That is even more important for people that are sitting all day at work and at home.  

What is my added value to you?

What I do is keeping a watchful eye on your body during every movement, checking that your knees are not collapsing, that your ankle joints are in the right position, your back etc. I make sure you are training your body in the most effective ways possible for your body and circumstances.

With my background as a Pilates trainer where we really can train every single muscle and my knowledge about the human body, you are in the right hands. Sometimes I am soft because you need it and sometimes, I push you to go over that line. Sometimes I make you do footwork as for me, footwork is the basis for many exercises, squatting, deadlifts, running, cycling, gymnastics and much more.

I will host a footwork workshop to help you strengthen and stretch those feet.

For more info or if you want to discuss this or other topics with me, write, call or walk in to my studio.

Essential Equipment for Your Home Pilates Workout​

The blog text highlights the essential items needed for a home Pilates workout, including a Pilates Sissel Ball, Magic Circle, Theraband, and a good thick mat. It emphasizes the importance of these tools in enhancing workouts, challenging the body effectively, and achieving fitness goals with comfort and ease. Additionally, it encourages participation in online classes and video sessions, where these items are utilized, to further support one’s Pilates journey.

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Healthy food!

The Let’s Bloom program offers a transformative 6-month journey towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Participants gather every other week for informative lunch meetings in our welcoming studio or online, where they delve into key topics like diet trends, menopause, and nutrition. With personalized nutrition plans, supportive WhatsApp groups, and aftercare sessions, this program empowers individuals to achieve realistic weight loss goals while building connections within a supportive community. Join us and let’s bloom together!

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Essential Reading for Aspiring Pilates Instructors: Building Your Library for Success

For aspiring Pilates trainers, several essential books provide in-depth knowledge of Pilates methodology, anatomy, and the founder, Joseph Pilates. “Pilates Anatomy” explores the anatomical principles behind exercises, while “Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology” delves into Joseph Pilates’ original teachings. “Caged Lion” offers a biography of Pilates, enriching understanding of his legacy. Additionally, numerous resources cover advanced exercises, specialized populations, teaching methodology, and business management. BASI Pilates students are invited to utilize our studio for observation or practice, whether considering enrollment or already enrolled. Contact us to take advantage of this opportunity and support your Pilates journey.

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Why a PT?

Why a PT? Why would you hire someone for something that you can do yourself.. I will try to explain what my job entails.. And

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