Healthy food!

The Let’s Bloom program offers a transformative 6-month journey towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Participants gather every other week for informative lunch meetings in our welcoming studio or online, where they delve into key topics like diet trends, menopause, and nutrition. With personalized nutrition plans, supportive WhatsApp groups, and aftercare sessions, this program empowers individuals to achieve realistic weight loss goals while building connections within a supportive community. Join us and let’s bloom together!

Braai Chickenwings

Our famous chicken wings recipe

Braai Chickenwings The sun is out and how better to enjoy than with chicken wings from the grill.  Add some grilled veggies and you have a healthy, wholesome meal.  Our family receipt for bio-chicken wings, our kids love them..  They are super easy to make:  – Free range – Bio Wings  – 1 Tbl spoon […]