Essential Reading for Pilates Trainers: Building a Strong Foundation

Introduction: If you’re aspiring to become a Pilates trainer, immersing yourself in essential reading material is key to deepening your understanding of Pilates methodology, anatomy, and its founder, Joseph Pilates. Let’s explore must-read books that will guide you on your journey to becoming a knowledgeable and skilled instructor.

  1. Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger: This comprehensive guide delves into the anatomical principles underlying Pilates exercises. With clear illustrations and concise explanations, it offers invaluable insights into muscle engagement and movement execution, essential for effective cueing and alignment.

  2. Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology—Revised Edition for the 21st Century” by Joseph Pilates: Considered the cornerstone of Pilates literature, this book outlines Joseph Pilates’ original principles and teachings. It emphasizes control, precision, breath, and flow in movement, offering timeless wisdom for instructors and practitioners alike.

  3. Your Health, by Joseph Pilates introduces a corrective system of exercising that revolutionizes physical education. Pilates emphasizes control, precision, breath, and flow in movement, offering a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being. His innovative ideas have profoundly influenced modern Pilates practice and continue to impact individuals seeking improved health and vitality.
  4. Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates and His Legacy, by John Howard Steel: Gain a deeper understanding of Joseph Pilates through this comprehensive biography. Explore his life, influences, and the development of his unique exercise system, enriching your connection to Pilates’ history and context.

  5. Pilates for Rehabilitation by Samantha Wood: Explore Pilates as a rehabilitation tool with insights into its principles, applications, and benefits. Learn how Pilates can aid in injury recovery and promote overall well-being, further expanding your understanding of Pilates’ versatility.

  6. Pilates, by Rael Isacowitz: This book offers a comprehensive collection of Pilates exercises, providing practitioners with a resource for developing effective workout routines. With detailed instructions and illustrations, it serves as a valuable tool for both instructors and enthusiasts.

By immersing yourself in these essential books and resources, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of Pilates principles, anatomy, and its applications for both rehabilitation and overall fitness. Whether you’re considering enrolling in a BASI pilates course or already a BASI student, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in our studio environment.

Contact us today to take advantage of this valuable opportunity and let us support you on your Pilates journey!

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