Was hilft wieder gesund zu werden

Are you sick?

Do you have the flu? Do you have a cold or even worst a stomach bug?  Are you like me, fighting your own body because you don’t have time to be sick? Especially now before the Christmas coming, many things to do and finish? Does that ring a bell? 

Unfortunately, your body is fighting some viruses in your body that needs help from you by eating healthy stuff, resting as much as possible and sleep as long as possible. Listen to that body of you, it always gives the right signs what it needs, but you need open to listen to it. 

Taking good care of your body is not something to do now while you are sick, but always. Your own personally health and mentally wellbeing needs to be your top priority always. If you feel in a good place, people around you will feel and see that as well. They will benefit from it as well, but first let get over that flu. 

If you boost your vitamin C intake, you provide your body that extra boost to fight the sick makers.  Vitamin C can be found in: 




Brussels sprouts


Citrus fruits

Bell peppers



Strawberries, but now not in season now

In a chicken broth, has countless vitamins and minerals inside it, that help the body fight the virus. Plus, you need plenty of hydration while being sick. So let a loved one make you some fresh made chicken broth. 

To go on, the hydration part. You need to drink loads of fluids, I love to drink tea in winter and summer. Presently, pukka tea with lemon but when I am sick, I make Camillo tea. That’s a tradition taken over from my MIL. For the kids, I put a little bit of honey in the tea to help with the cough and make it somewhat sweeter. Daughter and youngest son are big fans of mommy’s tea. The bigger boys only drink tea when sick.. 

essen was wir essen solten

Sport after being sick

After being sick or, at least have had, fever, don’t go to your maximum weight or fastest time. Ease slowly back into sport. Some say that a good rule of thumb is to invest two to three days of recovery for everyday you’re sick. That means if you were sick for 5 days, you need to train at a lower intensity for 10-15 days. I hear you think that long, yes, that long! 

But with that in mind and knowing how your body is craving to move. I would suggest, and my personally favorite, move that body in any way that feels good.  

You have been sitting, lying, maybe even hanging a lot while you have been sick. You, as active person that doesn’t feel well in not moving your body. In Pilates, we start by using all those joints the way they can do. Shoulder, hips, knee, back and feet. We do that in every hour, but after being sick, I pay extra attention to moving those joins and stretch those muscles more than any other hour of teaching. The strength will be more in the background as it more important to lose up that body and find this connection between mind and body gain. 

Come in and find it out for yourself.